Founded in 2007 and celebrating more than 12 Years of successful business, Horsell is Australian family owned and operated and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and is supported by a number of national and regional consultants operating remotely under company direction or on-site with clients on the company's behalf. 

The majority of our staff come from senior professional backgrounds in both government and private sectors and have many unique skills to offer which become an even greater sum when offered as an integrated team.

Our experiences combined with your passion and skill will be best able to deliver the requirements towards the best outcome for your customer and ultimately you. 

We are fortunate to be experienced in a number of diverse industries and services such as: 

  • Acquisition / sustainment programmes specialising in integrated logistics support

  • Project, quality and risk management systems development

  • Publications, proposals and technical writing

  • Corporate and personal website development

  • Leadership programmes and staff development exercises

  • Workplace learning and development

  • Public relations and marketing

  • Operational management

  • Australian Defence Force Contracting (ASDEFCON)

Horsell offers a number of publicly available policy statements for the information of our clients and visitors.


Horsell Consulting Pty Ltd, as trustee for The Horsell Family Trust (ABN 53 146 900 108) is trading as Horsell.