Horsell offers experienced, value-for-money professional services 'above and below the line' in support of tender development and bid responses as well as project managers and project support personnel, technical writers and editors, business analysts and process specialists whether as individuals or a tailored team.

Bids and Tenders


Our Bid Management and Support service ensures that you continue to win competitive tenders through a series of selective processes.


More and more business is being put out to tender and firms are having to pitch regularly - even to retain business they've had for years.


A tender must be compliant and competitive to win. Evaluation considerations such as personal relationships, market dominance and location are fast becoming redundant. 


We help bridge the gap between your sales and service delivery teams. We can take on all of the gap activities including qualification, production, delivery and presentation of the response.


Our consultants work with your sales teams to qualify the opportunity early, using tailored techniques and tools to reduce over commitment and resource wastage. Our commitment can be one or all depending on your in-house capability and resources.


Our Bid Managers and supporting staff are more than capable of acting in a leadership or supporting role depending on your proposed or existing structure in tendering a response and we remain flexible to suit your needs.

Business Analysis


We help our clients to visualise what the organisation does through intuitive business analysis. This visualisation allows us to analyse the current condition and its effectiveness. Through training and implementation, our clients realise the benefits of business improvement.


Consulting projects and training programs are the tactical steps toward achieving strategic implementation goals; projects and training are not goals in themselves. Our systematic approach successfully navigates client organisations through each improvement project. Beyond change is the next level of success that moves the organisation forward.


Complex and well-intentioned process maps can make it difficult to send a clear message to team members. We specialise in clear and understandable process maps to satisfy your requirements.


A process driven organisation does not rely on the individual and their unique variances, and hence removes this alleged weakness and replaces it with easy to follow, best practice that can be adopted by all staff regardless of their experiences and length of service.

Project Management


A project can be accepted as a "temporary endeavor with a finite completion date undertaken to create a unique product or service". Yet many organisations undertake project management as if it were normal day-to-day business without defined time and resource limits or clearly specified outcomes and it is mainly this reason that we believe that many projects fail.


Whether you are the customer, end-user or provider everyone has a motivation for entering into a project and understanding this motivation is the first clear step towards project success.


The success of a project requires teamwork, dedication and leadership. These attributes are directly related to the people that are involved in a project. During the course of a project, a team's skills are tested on every level and these skills need to be upgraded at constant intervals to keep up with changing times.


Creating clear direction, efficiency, timely response, and quality outcomes require project managers who are versatile, agile and adept at change. In consultation with our PM workshops, we deliver quality consultation tailored to your unique circumstance.


We provide specialist advice and objective opinion right through to development and implementation of PM methodologies and planning to support the growth and sucess of your company.

Publication Management

Your business documents should reflect the values and standards of your organisation and the quality of the products and services you market. Any letter, handout, or other piece of information you put in the hands of potential clients is, in effect, you.


Prospects may not read beyond the first few lines if they lack clarity, succinctness, and impact. A polished presentation can make the difference between a business that flourishes and one that falters or even fails.


Your writing reinforces your professional credibility as an expert in your field. Your technical products and research deserve to be supported by the clearest, friendliest, and most intuitive documentation.


Whether your project requires original material created from your notes and other input or an update or polish of your existing material, our network can connect you with technical writers and editors who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you create and refine all your printed and electronic documents.