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Our Projects

We have significant experience in developing and managing integrated solutions on behalf of Government and industry to a range of major projects. Our experiences combined with your passion and skills enable us to deliver the requirements towards the best outcome for your customer and ultimately you.


M1A1 Tank Program

Working closely with KPMG, Horsell has provided Technical Writing and Illustration services to the M1A1 Project (under PLAN Centaur) for the provision of more than 1000 pages in handbooks, service schedules, and other technical publications.


This Project alone spanned well over 12 months and included the Revised Australian Servicing Schedule (RASS) and the full User Handbook (UHB) revision. In-depth knowledge of this weapons platform has led to ongoing projects on the Abrams variants. 


Land Systems Division

Since March 2017, Horsell has provided direct support to Defence's Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG).


As the Commercial/Project Manager in Project Land 8140, Horsell has supported the development of the Commercial and Contracting elements of a linked acquisition and the Request for Tender suite of documentation. This included tender response period management, tender evaluation support, draft and progress Gate documentation, and plans for various internal and government approval stages.



Horsell supported Thales and Airservices Australia as the ASDEFCON Bid Author and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) subject matter expert in developing the response and clarifications to help deliver the world's most advanced and integrated civil and military air traffic management system.

Horsell was then reassigned to project manage the Supportability Engineering Team responsible for all ILS and support to the program.


Army Knowledge Centre

From 2019 to 2021, Horsell supported the production and delivery of doctrine and procedural publications for Army units.


During this time Horsell provided up to ten editorial and production support staff operating remotely and on-site to deliver professional publications to meet the standards of the Commonwealth and the Army. Horsell was involved in developing Army’s doctrine and other professional journals and papers such as the Smart Soldier series. 

M1A1 Tank

Other major projects include: 

  • Defence's Materiel Readiness Branch providing complex writing, editing and technical authoring services in the creation of two new documents, and ongoing support,

  • Defence's Materiel Procurement Branch (Land Manoeuvre Systems, Land Systems Division) as a Contracting Officer supporting project and sustainment staff, 

  • Defence's Lethality Program (Land 159/4108) complex project providing authoring, writing, editing and graphic design services,

  • Project JNT08190PH1 Deployable Bulk Fuel Distribution System as ILS Manager to lead the ILS TEWG in the evaluation of a linked acquisition and support Request for Tender (RFT),

  • Project Land 3025 Phase 1 Deployable Special Operations Engineer Capability as Integrated Logistics Support Manager to support the Introduction into Service,

  • Project Land 53 Phase 1BR Tranche 2 Emerging Technology as Strategic Procurement and Capability Definition Specialist

  • Joint Project 2060 Deployable Health Capability as ILS Specialist and member of Tender Evaluation Board 

  • Land 17 Phase 2 as Request for Tender (RFT) Project Manager and ASDEFCON specialist,

  • Project Land 129 Small Unmanned Surveillance Systems as ILS specialist and Australian content author

  • Project Land 400 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle as book manager, ILS specialist and Australian content author,

  • Project Soldier Combat Ensemble – Tiered Combat Helmets as Bid Author,

  • CIOG's (LOGIS) IT Service Management (ITSM) Transition from HP SM7 to SM9 as Project Managers and Business Analysts,

  • Barrick Gold Corporation's Investing in People and Systems (IPS) for development of 100+ Training Management Packages

  • Defence’s Fleet Management Improvement Project as Fleet Management SME,

  • Defence’s Technical Data Management System (TDMS) using Siemens’ Teamcenter PLM within DMO,

  • ADF Micro-Filtration Reverse Osmosis (Pall Australia’s Water Treatment System),

  • Electronic Instrument Repair (EIR) Study and Business Case within DMO,

  • Various Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) School Buildings Projects as Bid Manager,

  • Various NSW, SA and TAS Health Medical/Dental Equipment as Bid Manager,

  • Joint Project 2077 Military Integrated Logistics Information System (MILIS) as trainers and SMEs,

  • Project Land 106 M113 Upgrade as powerpack SME,

  • Project Land 112 ASLAV sustainment as Fleet Management SME, and

  • Project Land 121 Overlander logistics support as Fleet Management SME.

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